LACC Tennis

Tennis Courts:  Lake Almanor Country Club has seven tennis courts. Five courts and the tennis shop are located in Recreation Area 1, off Peninsula Drive. The other two courts are located “up the hill”, off Golf Club Road at “The Commons”. They are in a sunnier location, which is the preferred place to play during the winter months. These courts are oftentimes kept clear of snow all winter by a group of dedicated volunteers.

The phone number is 530-259-3656 for reservations and information on camps, clinics, private lessons and fees including annual passes.

Tennis Shop

Tennis  Shop: The tennis shop opens for Memorial weekend, but then closes until mid-June when it stays open seven days a week through Labor Day. The Tennis Shop is headquarters for RESORT WEAR (including the newest "breathable" sportswear); TENNIS LESSONS, COURT RESERVATIONS; TENNIS GEAR; GIFTS including LACC Wine Glasses and Mugs; RECREATION EQUIPMENT.

Courts 1 - 5 on the lower level.

Upper Courts

Courts 6 and 7 .

These courts are located just up the hill and are are favored by players for their full sun and lack of shadows in summer and particularly in winter, when snow can be more easily removed allowing these courts to be played in the off season. If we get too much snow--we just break out the snowshoes and play anyway .